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Save £££’s on regular play

New For Spring 2023

Opening offers - limited availability

Practice Range membership
The big hitter

Unlimited Single Player golf practice on our lower deck.

Off Peak hours are:
£30/per month

£10 Joining Fee
or pay up front annually for £360 with no joining fee

£15/per month

£10 Joining Fee
or pay up front annually for £180 with no joining fee

Golf Course membership
9-hole MAX

Unlimited rounds on the KnockAbout 9 Par 3 golf course.

Off Peak hours are:
Range & Course Combo 
Golf unlimited

Save money and combine all the benefits of The BIG Hitter and 9-Hole MAX memberships.

£40/per month

£10 Joining Fee
or pay up front annually for £480 with no joining fee

Off Peak hours are:

Is the joining up process easy?

All our memberships can be purchased online through our booking provider – Fibodo. Go to your dashboard in your Fibodo account and click “memberships”. You can sign up to our memberships using your current payment method for making bookings.

Terms and Conditions

MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP: Your membership will commence on the day you sign-up. Automatic payments will then be processed from your assigned debit or credit card in Fibodo each month onwards, within a 2-day window of your original date. You can cancel your membership at any time with no penalties. Your first month’s payment will include any joining fee. If you cancel and re-join you will be subject to pay any joining fee again at that time. A cancelled membership will continue to be valid until the date that your next payment would be expected. No refunds are given for parts of your month pro-rata.

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP: Your membership will commence on the day you sign-up. Automatic payments will then be processed from your assigned debit or credit card in Fibodo annually onwards. No refunds are given for cancelled annual memberships, your membership will continue to be valid until your annual renewal date if cancelled.

Part of our beginner coaching programme?

Two memberships to take you from novice to not-so-novice!

Lessons & Course Membership
Play & Learn

The natural next step from our “Give Golf a Go” and Improver 8-week beginner programme.

£30/per month

No Joining Fee!

Lessons, Course, and Range Combo
"Play & Learn PLUS"

All the benefits of the Play & Learn membership AND The Big Hitter driving range benefits.

£55/per month

No Joining Fee!

Hounslow Golf Park

Hounslow Golf Park

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Hounslow Golf Park
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lee knight
lee knight

Just left a 5 star review

lee knight

A brilliant place to go with the family

Philippa Lacey

We have been here a few times with the kids to play mini golf, football golf and used the driving range. It’s a great place. Lovely and clean. Staff are friendly and very helpful. There’s a good selection of alcohol, ice cream and food. I would highly recommend.

Saffron Garside

We love Hounslow Golf Park - we have visited many times since they opened and have enjoyed the adventure golf park, the driving range and foot golf. All the staff are very friendly, the cafe has plenty of options and we always have a great time.

Tim H

Would love to give it a higher score, but one big issue needs fixing. The new membership options that kind of suck!! Pros - facilities good, prices fairly reasonable (expect the issue with the badly implemented memberships) and staff are fantastic throughout (reception, mini golf and cafe staff have always been friendly and helpful). Cons - decided I'd like to start attending more regularly and notice they now offer a membership scheme. The price is fairly reasonable but not designed to encourage members to bring visitors as you would expect (as this would generate more revenue) nor does it grow and change with the golfer. The range membership is single user bays only, so apparently if you want to bring friends or family member down to experience the place then you have to pay again to visit with them rather than just paying for more individuals on the bay. I don't get it, surely family and friends of members should be welcomed, not only would this mean more revenue as more people paying to play on the bay but it's also likely to mean more money spent in cafe too. It could be limited to members have to have a certain percentage of visits for single bay use as I appreciate this is what the membership is meant to encourage. But making member pay again to attend if they occasionally want to bring other people with them seems a little strange. The times I visit the place seems very quiet so I could easily have single user bay and request others who come along go on the next bay but that seems unnecessarily complicated simply to avoid paying twice to attend with others (both the monthly membership then again if you sometimes want to pay with others!! Also there is currently no way to change membership. I'm relatively new to golf so only interested in the range for now. However if I want to then change to the member that covers the course also I'd have to start again with a new membership. This means double joining fees and also that it's not possible to commit to the annual membership in case I want to change the membership level as my game improves. I really wanted the membership to work and hopefully this will be fixed at some point to make it worthwhile doing. For now I'll have to limited myself to 3 or less sessions a month to keep under the £30 cost of big hitter membership. Then I have the option to still take my kids along on and play with them without essential having to pay twice to visit simply because I want to introduce more people to the place!! I don't understand why they have a membership scheme that means it's better value to attend less! Other negative is the balls seem to be cleared very infrequently from the range. Therefore is common for your ball to hit one already on the range which affects where yours lands and so the final location may to reflect the actual shot itself. Also if you intend to play your whole hour booking then remember to factor in a further 22% on top of the range fee for parking. So the minimum cost will be £11 not £9. The website states "The first 30 minutes are free, and parking costs £1 per hour thereafter" but that isn't true, stay for over one hour and your will be charged for 2 hours even if you are there for less than 1.5 hours (the hour paid and the half hour "free" which isn't!!).

Wojciech Borysowski

All fine apart of that when you order food in restaurant and you can’t finish you can’t take home either because don’t don’t do take away or not even any carton box… disappointing

Arman Hamid

Good, some of the staff need a bit of training in how to deal with customers. Having booked an hour slot, you can’t ask the customer to leave their bay after 50 minutes.

Filipe Cruz

Good fun, clean enough and drinks not too expensive

Philip Baldwin

Excellent little place with footgolf, pitch n put ,,36 hole crazy golf course and wildlife centre

S. K.

This was fun. My nephew and I had a great time.