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Learn to play

Learn from the Experts : Beginner Golf Lessons in London

We love introducing new people to the game of golf, and we’ve been doing it for years. Let us help you with our uncomplicated and friendly approach.

Play and Learn Golf

Ever wanted to try golf out but not sure how to go about it? Well we've created the perfect programme, and the coaching is FREE!

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Improvers - coming soon

Group coaching for the novice and higher-handicap golfer. A great value way to get some some expert advice.

Horton Park Play Learn

Private coaching from one of our PGA Professionals is the ideal way to fast-tract your golf and lower that handicap.


From ages 3 and up, your kids will love learning golf with us. Learn the basic skills whilst always keeping it fun!

Our beginner golf track will take you all the way from how to hold a club to playing on the course.

Check out our free 4-week golf programme to learn more. No equipment required!

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Space is limited

Learn to golf in our FREE 4 week Get Into Golf Program!

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Learn with a pro

Our team of PGA Professionals

Our people embody who we are, so find out more about who makes up our amazing team. Need some help with your golf? We’re your guys!

Hounslow Golf Park

Hounslow Golf Park

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Prabhjot Dhillon
Prabhjot Dhillon

Just left a 5 star review

Lucia Kyselicova

I am editing my previous bad review....We didn't have a nice experience, we booked a package for my daughter's 9th birthday and it all went very wrong but after I sent a complaint email, lovely manager Vicky called me and was very understanding and apologetic, she refunded us money and apologized which deserves 5 star for her prompt response to the problem. Thank you

Bharathi S
Nicola West

Week 3 of introducing golf! Loving it, Lewis is a great teacher, patient and gives clear and simple instructions.

david gill
Jason Scott - Local Bespoke Estate Agent

I absolutely love Hounslow Golf Centre. Amazing facilities and whilst Rufus gets a golf lesson with Lewis, I get to enjoy some food and the free Wi-Fi. You could also have a cheeky beer.


The facility is clean and good standing. The food and drink is reasonably priced and tasty burgers. The golf lessons by Lewis are great (5 star) highly recommended, the reason for four stars is the driving clubs at the driving range are not in good condition.