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Volcano Island Adventure Golf at Hounslow Golf Park

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Volcano Island Adventure Golf

There’re TWO new, exciting 18-hole courses

Erruption Course Image

The Eruption Course

The Eruption Course snakes its way round the vast 6 metre high volcano

Dino Circle

Beware Dinosaurs

Watch out for the dinosaurs, they’re always on the hunt for a tasty snack!

The Cascades Course

The Cascades Course

The Cascades Course leads you through the secret cave under the waterfall

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I am editing my previous bad review....We didn't have a nice experience, we booked a package for my daughter's 9th birthday and it all went very wrong but after I sent a complaint email, lovely manager Vicky called me and was very understanding and apologetic, she refunded us money and apologized which deserves 5 star for her prompt response to the problem. Thank you

Bharathi S

Week 3 of introducing golf! Loving it, Lewis is a great teacher, patient and gives clear and simple instructions.

david gill

I absolutely love Hounslow Golf Centre. Amazing facilities and whilst Rufus gets a golf lesson with Lewis, I get to enjoy some food and the free Wi-Fi. You could also have a cheeky beer.


The facility is clean and good standing. The food and drink is reasonably priced and tasty burgers. The golf lessons by Lewis are great (5 star) highly recommended, the reason for four stars is the driving clubs at the driving range are not in good condition.

I found this to be a fun place to visit with good golf driving range facilities. What is not so great is the staff. We were there on a Saturday afternoon and it was quite busy. The only people I saw attending to customers were rather young and seemed very inexperienced. On our arrival there, a customer was trying to report a minor injury incident. She was being told by the rather young person at reception that they did not have icepacks or first aid equipment, which is very likely not true. The customer had to prompt the staff member to get an incident log to report the injury onsite. When we got in, we needed to go to the first floor, and there were no lifts. When I asked another young member of staff if I could leave my baby's push chair somewhere, I was told that it is not possible that they could not take the responsibility. Within 20 seconds, another staff member approached and very helpfully put our pushchair to the side under the stairs for us. The kids really enjoyed the visit and we really enjoyed the birthday party we were attending. Overall the place itself is very nice with good facilities and plenty of parking (which you have to pay for on exit)

Ian Hanks

Great fun for newbies to golf. Games drinks and food to share with friends

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It’s a great experience for everyone…

So much magic. So much excitement. It’s a family friendly adventure you’ll never forget. It’s a game where friends can make memories.
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Here's what you need to know

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  • Suitable for all ages and abilities
  • All the equipment you need is provided
  • The courses are stroller & wheelchair friendly
  • Usually takes about an hour to get round each course
  • A visit to the Volcano View café is recommended!
  • Hounslow Golf Park does not accept cash or cheques – it is a cash free venue
  • Hounslow Golf Park only accepts payment by debit and credit cards or other electronic payment means (eg Apple Pay)
  • Dogs are not allowed on the Adventure Golf courses but are welcome on the Volcano View Café terrace

How to book the Adventure Golf at Hounslow Golf Park

  • Book your preferred day and time in advance on our online booking site
  • Please note that there is no facility to book at the venue
  • Maximum of 5 people per slot
  • For groups larger than 5, simply book 2 consecutive time slots
  • Your booked slot is for one circuit only
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Yes the pathways around Volcano Island are pushchair friendly!

Is Volcano Island buggy stroller friendly?

Yes but we advise that you take coats as the weather can be unpredictable on Volcano Island.

Can you play Volcano Island in the rain?

The 18 hole course will take somewhere between 40-80 minutes dependant on peak/off peak times. Please allow 80 minutes on summer weekends.

How long does it take to play one course on Volcano Island?

If your child can stand up and hold a club then they can play! Young children love Volcano Island, especially the dinosaurs and waterfalls!

What ages is it suitable for

We permit up to 5 people per time slot, if you need to book for more than 5 then just book back to back time slots.

How many people can play?

Yes, you will need a booking to visit either course on Volcano Island.

Do I need to buy a ticket to go on Volcano Island?
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