The KnockAbout 9 all-weather course at Hounslow Golf Park

It’s for those who have never held a golf club before
It’s for novices
It’s for seasoned golfers who need practise
It’s for families and friends looking for fun
It’s casual, it’s relaxed

Golf that's easy & fun!

  • Just bring yourself and a ball (or buy one on site)
  • We’ll lend you a club and a putter
  • There’s no stuffy dress code
  • There’s no hole longer than 100 yards
  • It’s fun, it’s exciting
  • It’s a great day out
  • The course is designed especially for total beginners and for those who would like to improve
  • The greens are Astro Turf so weather never stops play
  • The ball thinks it’s on real grass. It rolls, spins & stops as usual
  • The Astro is environmentally friendly as it doesn’t need watering
  • For those in the know – this also means the greens play the same irrespective of the time of day or season of the year
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Just come and have fun

Here’s what you need to know

  • No experience necessary
  • Easy online booking on your phone, tablet or computer
  • A club and a putter are provided for each player
  • Bring a golf ball – or buy one at the course
  • There’s no stuffy dress code 
  • Wear comfortable, flat soled shoes 
  • Book in groups of up to 4 people
  • Each tee off time you book lasts one hour so there’s no rush
  • Hounslow Golf Park is a cash free venue
  • Hounslow Golf Park only accepts payment by debit and credit cards or other electronic payment means (Apple Pay)
  • Dogs are not allowed on the KnockAbout 9 course
  • Dogs are welcome on the Volcano View café terrace
  • Buggies and pushchairs are welcome if you’re happy on grass
  • There’s no age restriction but under 14s must be supervised by an adult

How to book the KnockAbout 9 course at Hounslow Golf Park

  • Book your preferred day and time in advance on our online booking site
  • Please note that there is no facility to book at the venue
  • Maximum number of people per tee off is 4
  • Your booked slot is for one hour

Would you like to learn golf - for free?

Yes, you read it correctly – for free!

Hounslow Golf Park are offering you 4x one-hour weekly lessons completely free of charge!

No commitment, no stuffy dress rules, no experience needed. Our qualified golf coaches will guide you through the basics. Start on the Games Range and learn how to hold the club. Progress to hitting the ball – or not!

Bring your mates and have some fun. It’s sociable, it’s enjoyable, it’s a laugh! It’s the perfect way to “Get into Golf” at Hounslow Golf Park.

Can’t wait to see you!

Hounslow and Lobb & Partners

The technical stuff

Hounslow Golf Park’s KnockAbout 9 course designed by Lobb & Partners and is suitable for all levels of golfing ability

  • It’s perfect if you have “never held a club before” as well as ideal for the more seasoned golfers looking for somewhere to practise.
  • The pricing structure means its affordable for families and groups of friends.
  • It’s a non-demanding layout of 9 holes.
  • No hole is more than 100 yards making a hole in one an achievable aim.

The greens are made out of Astro Turf so you get year round quality experience. The Astro Turf is environmentally friendly as it does not need watering – sand and a brush do the job. The Astro Turf behaves like real grass so you can easily transfer your skills to another course. Have you tried the courses at Horton Park Golf or Chichester Golf or – for the more experienced – Hill Barn Golf Course?