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Our Vision at Hounslow Golf Park

We see a future where anybody from any background will see golf as fun entertainment which is easily accessible.
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What's it like to work for us? Well, we have three core team values:

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One Team

We’re in this together and there are no ego’s here. Look out for the person next to you, treat them with care, and muck in where needed. Feel free to express your individualism as we’ve got your back.


We all want to have fun, right? Well why not at work? We offer fun activities to bring people together & play. So choose your attitude before you arrive and bring the energy.

Deliver Plus 1

Satisfied customers? Pah, we think we can do much better than that. We want to create Raving Fans! Deliver the high-quality service a customer really wants, and then surprise them by delivering an extra 1% they weren’t expecting.

At Hounslow Golf Park

We believe in the importance of play

These days unfortunately there are too few opportunities for people of different age groups and different abilities to meet as one…

…to bond and enjoy the physical and mental benefits of new challenges, friendships and fun;

…to be in the great outdoors, to escape, to have an adventure.

Playing golf stimulates the brain and fosters cognitive growth – whatever your age.

You can enjoy the benefits from your sunup years all the way to your sunset years.

Play matters and we want to bring the game of golf to everyone – from grandparents and golfing gurus to toddlers and teenagers.

So we built a park. A park that is open to all. A golf park that has no stuffy rules, no dress codes, no age limits. A park for play.

You are all very welcome….to come and play.

Play improves the emotional well-being of people of all ages. Play builds friendships and makes memories. Play matters.

Our Daily Actions

Actions to achieve our mission

We bring fun and joy:

We help create memorable 
experiences and ensure a warm welcome every
time - for players, for friends, for families

We work with passion:

Bring your best every day. 
Keep it simple: put the customer first, let’s get it done

We stay curious:

Always interested, always learning, we embrace and drive positive change

We work together:

Building a positive team spirit through transparency and honesty

We are accountable:

Accepting responsibility from start to finish

Our Origin

Why does Hounslow Golf Park exist?

Golf venues have always seemed stuffy with crazy rules. The owners wanted to create a different type of golf entertainment venue that was inclusive and welcoming to absolutely everyone. Hounslow Golf Park is the embodiment of that philosophy.

Latest Career Opportunities

Salary: £7 - 10
an hour
Job Type: Part-time, Temporary contract, Zero hours contract
Hounslow Golf Park – Customer Experience Host Would you like to be part of the most exciting leisure development in West London? Opening soon, Hounslow...
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Rachel Sykes
Rachel Sykes

Just left a 5 star review

Daryl Law

Really wide expansive piece of land. It actually consists of the Golf Driving range/Dinosaur mini golf, Hobbledown (theme park) and Gripped (rope climbing course) They all share the same car park. ANPR parking cameras track your entry, so payment is made before you leave via app, QR code or pay machine. (£1 per hour).The driving range is double storey and in excellent shape. The tee off mats are in great condition with plenty of rubber tees if you need for drivers, etc. The balls are collected by these cute robot hoovers. There are heaters and lounge sofas at each bay.The onsite café sells food, snacks and pints.

jayden playz4dayz

Fun activities for all ages

Aly Leach
Rosie B
Marta D

Good place to spend time with family and friends...

Phil Griffiths

The coaching is excellent