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Imagine a golf park that has no stuffy rules, no dress code, no age limits. A park for fun and laughter. A park where everyone whatever their age, background or ability can play golf or golf-related games in a relaxed, non-judgemental place.

That’s Hounslow Golf Park! Our aim is to make the awesome game of golf accessible to everyone – because play matters. And you are all very welcome.

Families learning golf together

Golf lessons for all the family

Golf lessons for families are a unique opportunity to bond and learn together. They provide a platform for family members of all ages to engage in a fun, skill-building activity. Golf lessons not only teach the nuances of the game but also foster values like patience, discipline and sportsmanship.

These shared learning experiences can strengthen family ties and create lasting memories. They encourage a healthy, active lifestyle and introduce a sport that can be enjoyed together for years to come. Embracing golf lessons as a family activity can be both rewarding and enjoyable.



Benefits of learning golf for families

Physical health benefits

Learning golf as a family is great for your physical health. As well as seeing golf as a great opportunity for a fun walk around the course – which can be a great cardiovascular exercise – the muscles you use in swinging the golf club help to develop core strength and improve muscle tone, particularly in the arms and back. Golf also enhances hand-eye coordination and balance.

For families, it’s an enjoyable way to engage in a relaxed physical activity together, promoting a healthy lifestyle. Unlike more intense sports, golf is low-impact, making it suitable for all ages, allowing even the youngest and oldest family members to participate and stay active together.

Mental health benefits

Golf is not just a physical activity, it’s also a mental game that offers substantial benefits. Learning and playing golf requires concentration, strategy and problem-solving, which are excellent for cognitive development. It teaches patience and emotional control as players learn to manage their reactions to both good shots as well as the not so good!

For families, golf can be a peaceful escape from the daily hustle, providing a relaxed environment to unwind and de-stress. Playing in the fresh air can be calming and therapeutic, fostering a sense of mental well-being.

Social benefits

Golf is a socially enriching sport, especially for families. It’s an opportunity for quality time, allowing family members to connect and communicate away from the distractions of everyday life. Golf courses are social hubs where families can meet other people, enhancing their social circle and encouraging interactions with diverse groups of people.

For children and youngsters, it’s a chance to learn social etiquette and sportsmanship. The game’s inherent nature of being competitive yet respectful promotes a healthy competitive spirit. Learning and playing golf together strengthens family bonds and creates a sense of team spirit and belonging.

Significance of learning golf with your family

Quality time and presence

In a world dominated by digital distractions, golf offers a unique chance to unplug and genuinely engage with your children. It’s a setting where smartphones and screens are replaced by meaningful interactions and shared experiences. This focused time not only nurtures family bonds but also significantly contributes to the emotional and social development of children, proving mutually beneficial for both parents and kids.

Mutual support and encouragement

During family golf instruction, parents get the chance to be their child’s cheerleader, supporting and celebrating their efforts. It shifts the dynamic from teaching to encouraging, allowing parents to witness and foster their child’s growth and successes. This supportive environment strengthens family relationships, creating a space where each member feels valued and encouraged. It’s about enjoying the process together and reinforcing the notion that the journey is as important as the destination.

Safe and lifelong sport

Golf is a non-contact sport, making it a safer option compared to many other sports where injuries are more common. For families concerned about the physical risks associated with contact sports, golf is the perfect alternative. It’s a game that can be played regardless of age or physical limitations, ensuring that as children grow, they continue to have a sport that keeps them engaged, competitive, and physically active without the risk of severe injuries.

Hounslow Golf Park is perfect for families

At Hounslow Golf Park, we offer specialised golf lessons tailored for different age groups, ensuring that both kids and adults can hone their skills individually. For family golf lessons, bespoke tuition with our resident Golf Pro is ideal for managing different levels of expertise.

Here’s a selection of lessons you can have at Hounslow Golf Park:

Kids golf lessons

Tailored to the specific needs and learning styles of children, our kids golf lessons focus on building a strong foundation in golf fundamentals. However, our experienced instructors use interactive and fun techniques to make the learning really enjoyable and interesting for young golf enthusiasts – they don’t really know they are learning as they are so immersed in the games!

Adult golf Lessons

For adults who are complete beginners and have never held a club before, to those who seeking to enhance their existing skills, our adult golf lessons provide comprehensive and friendly instruction. From mastering the basics to refining techniques, these lessons are designed to accommodate every ability.

Family and individual instruction

Time with our resident PGA golf coaches is perfect for family groups, keen golfers or simply if you are stuck in a rut and need an extra bit of technique. The coaches are highly qualified, friendly and endlessly patient!

Knockabout9 practice sessions

Family members or groups can come together for enjoyable practice on our Pitch & Putt Knockabout9 course. This serves as a practical and enjoyable way for families to reinforce the skills learned during their lessons. The Par 3 course is also ideal for keen golfers and improvers who want to practise their short game.

Games range

The outstanding Games Range is full of brilliant interactive games. At the touch of a button, choose the game you want to play, then use the unlimited golf balls to see who can get the highest score, the longest shot or the most accurate drive. Every ball you hit is tracked, so it’s great for families, friends and groups of all abilities. Food and drink can be ordered from the bays and delivered directly to you: it’s a brilliant way to bond with family and friends – and there are sofas and heaters in each bay too!


Hounslow Golf Park is the ideal venue for family golf lessons. It’s fun and accessible for all ages, from grandparents to children. Our tailored lessons are brilliant for absolute beginners, improvers and keen golfers. There is no judgment on what you wear and how you play. It is all about relaxed fun and enjoyment. Bring your family, bring your mates and discover the joy of golfing together.

Book your family golfing fun at Hounslow Golf Park here today.

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The UK’s most exciting family golfing entertainment complex is now open… Let the fun begin!

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Aidan King

I go here with my son and it is a very enjoyable place. The driving range has games you can play as the ball is tracked. We pay for two hours and play a virtual round of golf and then see who can drive the furthest. Food and drink is a little bit overpriced and they keep running out of draught beer.

Parth Shah

Some fun games here.

Rehab Assad

Thank you so much Lewis. it was amazing session

Rupert Adams

Lewis was a fantastic coach and really helped improve my swing and knowledge of the sport. Would thoroughly recommend him as a coach!

Haneen Alquran

Great class !!!!

Reina Oi
John Coll

Learned a lot in my first session, high expectations for the future lessons

alex mackie

Awesome coach - my technique improved massively after just one session! Looking forward to more improvement as the sessions go one