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Imagine a golf park that has no stuffy rules, no dress code, no age limits. A park for fun and laughter. A park where everyone whatever their age, background or ability can play golf or golf-related games in a relaxed, non-judgemental place.

That’s Hounslow Golf Park! Our aim is to make the awesome game of golf accessible to everyone – because play matters. And you are all very welcome.

Hounslow Heath Golf: a magical transformation

Hounslow Heath Golf has been transformed into a magical family golfing experience. 

Once a municipal golf course, Hounslow Heath Golf has had many lives before becoming Hounslow Golf Park. It’s now the most popular family orientated golfing complex in London.

Hounslow Heath Golf: a fascinating past!

The former Hounslow Heath Golf certainly has a lot of stories to tell! Hounslow Heath has taken on many characters and seen many experiences. We’re sure you’ll love this quick gallop through its fascinating transformation up to the present day.

The huge Heath

Once upon a time Hounslow Heath stretched right across the borough. And it was huge – we’re talking some 4000 acres.

Hounslow Heath Golf - in the olden days

Only for the brave

Did you know that during the English Civil War Hounslow Heath became notorious as a regular spot for highwaymen and footpads who terrorised travellers by robbing them on the road?

Hounslow Heath highway men

Hounslow Heath as home

Oliver Cromwell based troops on Hounslow Heath at the end of the Civil War in 1647. When Charles of Scotland returned to England as King in 1660, Hounslow Heath was also used as the staging point for his troops. 

Military manoeuvres and more

Hounslow Heath was again used for military manoeuvres and public exhibitions by King James II when he came to the throne in 1685 

Hounslow Heath Golf history King James II

Historical first

You may know that the Ordnance Survey measures some 500 million geospatial features of Great Britain (like roads, electricity poles, ditches etc). But do you know how this started? Guess what, Hounslow Heath was involved! The survey providing the basis of the first accurate map of Great Britain (using triangulation – ask your school-aged child to explain that!) was initiated in 1794 by General William Roy. Would you like to find out more? You might like to take a look at this Science Museum blog 

Hounslow Heath Golf history baseline measuring equipment

The second first!


The former Hounslow Heath Golf came first once again! This time it was the first of 40 Cavalry barracks established to guard against the threat of Napoleonic invasion in late 18th and early 19th centuries. They used Hounslow Heath as a training ground (you can find some great images of the historical development of the barracks on pages 9-13 of this document)

Gravel to greens

After World War II gravel was extracted from parts of Hounslow Heath and then there was a period up until the 1960s when Hounslow Heath was used as landfill. Excitingly, the site was reclaimed in 1979 when the Council established Hounslow Heath Golf course and clubhouse. Did you or your family ever play golf on Hounslow Heath Golf course?

Hounslow Heath Golf - old golf course

Fading green

The Council’s idea of opening an 18-hole golf course to everyone irrespective of experience and ability proved very popular. In its heyday, people travelled from far and wide to play at Hounslow Heath Golf. It was not expensive, easy to get to, and welcomed everyone. This all-encompassing spirit is one that the new owners at Hounslow Golf Park have embraced wholeheartedly: Hounslow Golf Park is family-friendly, relaxed, great value for money and open to all golfing abilities.

Green to red

Interest in Hounslow Heath Golf started to wane in the 2000s. The increase in popularity of the game led to modern driving ranges and upscale private clubs popping up across the country. Hounslow Heath Golf course and clubhouse needed large funds to be kept in tip top condition. By 2014 the Council admitted that Hounslow Heath Golf’s finances were in the red. In September 2016, after nearly 40 years, Hounslow Heath Golf had to close for good.

Phew, Hounslow Heath Golf certainly has an exciting and varied history!

Hounslow Heath Golf legacy endures

Let’s jump to the present day. The old Hounslow Heath Golf is now revitalised, re-imagined and making a great renaissance as Hounslow Golf Park. 

The new owners have taken the original spirit of the Hounslow Heath Golf legacy and enhanced it. For example, the atmosphere is aligned to what Hounslow Heath Golf was aspiring to: Hounslow Golf Park is a single outstanding facility where family and friends can have fun together – irrespective of age, golfing interest or ability . . . it welcomes everyone. 


Hounslow Heath is now designated as a Metropolitan Green Belt and Nature Conservation Area. Hounslow Golf Park have initiated some biodiversity and ecological enhancements to ensure the space is kept as true as possible to its origins. This means there is plenty of green space, trees and bushes (particularly on the Par 3 golf course) for you and everyone to enjoy. 

Also, in homage to the former Hounslow Heath Golf, two of the golf tees on the current Par 3 golf course are the originals. Can you guess which ones?

Hounslow Golf Park today

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There is so much fun for everyone at Hounslow Golf Park: world class activities in a relaxed, welcoming environment, perfect for children, teenagers, adults, individuals, groups and parties. What to look out for . . .

  • The Games Range – an immersive golf gaming experience you don’t want to miss! It’s a double-decker range designed with state-of-the-art features suitable for both the golfer and the non-golfer. Choose your video game on the touchscreen then hit the ball as far or as fast as you can. Radar tracks the ball. Check out your results on the screen. Be competitive. Be crazy. Have some fun! 
  • Volcano Island Adventure Golf – two 18-hole mini golf courses full of twists and turns, secret caves and special surprises to keep everyone entertained. You can choose from the 18-hole Eruption Course snaking its way round the vast erupting volcano. Or you can explore the 18-hole Cascades Course round waterfalls, over bridges, through vegetation. It’s perfect for quality time with friends and family.
  • The KnockAbout 9 – for first-timers, novices or seasoned golfers, the Par 3 golf course (also known as Pitch & Putt Knockabout 9) is the ideal place for, well, you’ve guessed it . . a 9-hole golf “knockabout”. It’s casual, its friendly, it’s relaxed – there’s no stuffy dress code. The greens are made of all-weather Astro so you can play all year round. It’s a great way to spend your time with family and friends!
  • Footgolf fun – great game with not many rules. Your mission is to complete each hole, kicking the football into the oversized golf cup in as few shots as possible. It’s exciting, it’s a laugh, it’s a great way to exercise without knowing it!
  • Relax and re-energise at the Volcano View Café and Rex’s Bar. Whatever the time of day, there’s something to quench your thirst and tickle your tastebuds. And you don’t even have to engage in any activity – it’s just a really lovely place to meet your family or mates for lunch, coffee or evening entertainment.

A golfing landmark reinvented

So, if you find yourself searching online for ‘Hounslow Heath Golf’, don’t be disappointed. Instead, grab your clubs (or check out our website because in most cases all the equipment you need is included) and head to the new, fresh Hounslow Golf Park for world class facilities combined with non-stop fun. This place is sure to create new memories for West London golfers – and non-golfers – for decades to come!

All you need for a great day out is a click away … book here for the awesome adventure golf, the Par 3 golf course aka Knockabout9, the Footgolf and the brilliant tech-infused driving range. We can’t wait to welcome you.

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The UK’s most exciting family golfing entertainment complex is now open… Let the fun begin!

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Really wide expansive piece of land. It actually consists of the Golf Driving range/Dinosaur mini golf, Hobbledown (theme park) and Gripped (rope climbing course) They all share the same car park. ANPR parking cameras track your entry, so payment is made before you leave via app, QR code or pay machine. (£1 per hour).The driving range is double storey and in excellent shape. The tee off mats are in great condition with plenty of rubber tees if you need for drivers, etc. The balls are collected by these cute robot hoovers. There are heaters and lounge sofas at each bay.The onsite café sells food, snacks and pints.

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Fun activities for all ages

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Good place to spend time with family and friends...

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The coaching is excellent