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Imagine a golf park that has no stuffy rules, no dress code, no age limits. A park for fun and laughter. A park where everyone whatever their age, background or ability can play golf or golf-related games in a relaxed, non-judgemental place.

That’s Hounslow Golf Park! Our aim is to make the awesome game of golf accessible to everyone – because play matters. And you are all very welcome.

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5 Fun Range Games to Sharpen Your Golf Skills

Practising at the golf driving range can considerably improve your golf skills, but it doesn’t have to be boring. At Hounslow Golf Park, we believe that adding fun to your practice games can help you stay motivated and enjoy the process more. When your practice is filled with fun games that add excitement to your routine, you can train yourself to sharpen your techniques and precision.

To support this, our golf driving range in London offers five entertaining range games that transform your practice sessions into engaging experiences. Whether you’re practising alone or enjoying time with family and friends, these games will make your time at the golf range fun and productive.



5 fun range games that will improve your golf skills

Target Practice Games

Target practice games are at a golf driving range near you. These practices are to enhance your golfing experience and improve your skills. Here’s how this range game can help you:


The game involves setting up multiple targets to hit at different distances across the range. These targets can be anything from cones to flags, providing a visual and challenging goal for each shot.

Scoring System

Based on their distance and difficulty, we’ve assigned different points to each target. Closer, larger targets are worth fewer points, while smaller, farther targets offer higher rewards. This scoring system adds a competitive edge, motivating you to improve with every swing.

Difficulty Levels

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer, you can modify the game to match your skill level. Start with easy targets. Then, make it harder to keep challenging and improving your skills.


Target Practice Games are particularly beneficial if you want to refine your short game. You need frequent, precise shots to hit the targets. They refine your swing, posture, and alignment. This leads to better play on the golf course.


It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced golfer. Hitting the centre of the target is a fun way to challenge yourself. It is not simply about strength but accuracy, making every shot a thrilling experience.


Our circular target setup is visually appealing and functional. These targets help golfers of all levels measure their accuracy and improve their game. With multiple rings to aim for, players can practice their short and long shots in an engaging environment.

Scoring System

Each target zone offers different points, making the game strategic. This setup helps players focus on accuracy and aim for higher scores.


Practising with the Bullseye range game offers you an engaging way to develop consistency and precision. Our facilities are designed to challenge and refine your skills, ensuring that each swing becomes more accurate.


The targets and scoring zones help players focus on distance and accuracy, which is important for mastering long iron shots. Regular practice can ensure significant improvement, giving you the confidence to excel in any game.

Twenty one

Playing a game of twenty-one at a golf driving range can be a great way to challenge your skills. It requires a blend of strategy, skill, and some mental math to win.


The objective is simple yet challenging: to get exactly 21 points. It’s a thrilling balance of precision and strategy, adding excitement to your practice.

Shot Selection

Choosing the correct shot is crucial to winning twenty-one. Each target offers different points. So, you’ll need to decide whether to aim for high-scoring but risky targets or play it safe for lower points. This choice makes the game dynamic and keeps you engaged with every swing.


It uniquely combines arithmetic with gameplay, making it both mentally and physically stimulating. As you aim and shoot, you also need to keep a running total of your score, ensuring you’re on track to hit 21 without going over.


Every shot counts, and accuracy is essential to hitting the right targets and scoring exactly 21 points. This focus on accuracy helps improve your overall golfing skills, making you a more accurate and effective player in the long run.

Longest Drive

The Longest Drive game is all about unleashing your strength and seeing just how far you can send the ball. It is an exciting way to push your limits and test your driving skills.


In this game, every shot is an opportunity to outdo your last one. The aim is simple: hit the ball as far as you can. While you hit, the technology at the range will precisely measure each shot as you strive to set a new personal record.


This game is not just about swinging hard; it’s about finding the perfect blend of speed, power, and control. Each shot is a chance to discover just how powerful your drive can be.


The Longest Drive is an excellent way to refine your swing. As you focus on hitting the ball farther, you’ll naturally improve your form and technique. Each powerful drive helps you learn more about your swing mechanics, leading to better performance in all aspects of your game.

Virtual Golf Courses

Virtual golf brings the thrill of the golf course to a simulated world. It lets you play on courses from around the world without leaving the driving range.

54 courses

At Hounslow Golf Park, our Inrange technology provides 54 virtual golf courses. These courses offer a diverse range of challenges and scenery, replicating famous golfing locations globally. This enhances your practice experience and makes it engaging.

Advanced Tracking

The advanced tracking technology captures every detail of your swing and the ball’s flight, providing immediate feedback. This precision helps improve your technique and game.


The multiplayer feature allows you to enjoy virtual golf with friends and family. It’s a wonderful way to socialise and test your skills against others in a friendly setting.


Our system is designed to be user-friendly. This ensures that players of all skill levels can easily navigate and enjoy their virtual golfing experience. The user-friendly interface allows for quick setup, so you can start playing right away.


Games in the golf driving range offer a mix of fun and skill development, offering a way to improve while enjoying yourself. Whether you’re aiming for the bullseye, strategising in Twenty-One, or unleashing your power in the Longest Drive, these games provide a dynamic and engaging practice experience. Each game targets specific aspects of your golf skills, covering precision, consistency, power, and technique.

At Hounslow Golf Park we provide a welcoming atmosphere with the latest technology to track your shots, unlimited balls for continuous practice, and real-time results displayed on the big screen. It’s not just about playing; it’s about improving your game and enjoying the process.

Ready to improve your skills and have some fun? Book an hourly slot online and take your golfing to the next level!

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Aidan King

I go here with my son and it is a very enjoyable place. The driving range has games you can play as the ball is tracked. We pay for two hours and play a virtual round of golf and then see who can drive the furthest. Food and drink is a little bit overpriced and they keep running out of draught beer.

Parth Shah

Some fun games here.

Rehab Assad

Thank you so much Lewis. it was amazing session

Rupert Adams

Lewis was a fantastic coach and really helped improve my swing and knowledge of the sport. Would thoroughly recommend him as a coach!

Haneen Alquran

Great class !!!!

Reina Oi
John Coll

Learned a lot in my first session, high expectations for the future lessons

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Awesome coach - my technique improved massively after just one session! Looking forward to more improvement as the sessions go one