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Imagine a golf park that has no stuffy rules, no dress code, no age limits. A park for fun and laughter. A park where everyone whatever their age, background or ability can play golf or golf-related games in a relaxed, non-judgemental place.

That’s Hounslow Golf Park! Our aim is to make the awesome game of golf accessible to everyone – because play matters. And you are all very welcome.


Why Adventure Golf Course Experience is Perfect For Fun Time With Colleagues

Adventure Golf is a lively twist on traditional golf and offers the perfect setting for a fun-filled outing with colleagues. This experience is about sharing laughs and light-hearted competition, making it ideal for corporate events.

The creatively designed courses promise both amusement and a hint of challenge. This relaxed atmosphere fosters camaraderie and enjoyment among team members, away from the pressures of the workplace. Adventure Golf is not just a game, it’s an opportunity to bond, unwind, and create memorable experiences with your colleagues.



Quick and easy

Organising a day out for a group, be it for a corporate event or a casual get-together, has never been more straightforward and hassle-free. Adventure Golf at Hounslow Golf Park offers effortless booking right at your fingertips. With a user-friendly online platform, you can plan your visit seamlessly.

The process is designed to be quick and easy, accommodating your specific needs and preferences. Availability is clearly displayed online, ensuring you can select the day and time that best suits your group’s schedule.

When you’re organising a fun day for colleagues, our golf courses are ready to welcome you with minimal planning required on your part. Dive into an experience that’s not just about playing a game but also about creating moments of joy and connection.

Great stress relief

In today’s fast-paced work environment, finding effective ways to relieve stress is important. Adventure Golf Course is an ideal team-building event, offering a blend of fun and relaxation that’s essential for a healthy work-life balance. These courses, designed with creativity, present a world away from the usual office setting. As teams navigate through imaginative obstacles and engaging layouts, they find themselves immersed in an environment where laughter and light-heartedness blend with differing degrees of competitiveness!

This playful setting is perfect for letting go of work-related pressures and encouraging colleagues to interact in a more pleasant manner. The simplicity of the game, combined with its entertaining challenges, allows for genuine enjoyment without the need for intense concentration or physical exertion – making it suitable for everyone.

Develops problem-solving

Adventure Golf offers more than just a round of golf; it’s a journey through creative problem-solving and imaginative play. Each hole in the course is a unique challenge, designed not only to entertain but also to stimulate the mind.

As players confront various obstacles, from winding paths to unexpected barriers, they’re encouraged to think outside the box. This playful yet challenging environment prompts participants to strategise and plan, engaging their creative muscles in a way that’s both enjoyable and mentally stimulating.

The experience of tackling these challenges together as a team can enhance team dynamics. Colleagues or friends can collaborate, offering suggestions and strategies, thereby strengthening your ability to work together.

The activity, therefore, becomes a catalyst for creative thinking wrapped up in an enjoyable and engaging package. This unique combination of fun, creativity, and problem-solving makes it an ideal activity for those looking to engage their minds in an entertaining way.

Collaborative teamwork

Adventure Golf Course presents a unique opportunity for collaborative teamwork, an essential aspect of any successful workplace. By breaking employees into teams, the experience naturally promotes a spirit of cooperation and communication – and healthy competition!

As team members navigate the innovative golf course, they’re encouraged to strategise together, share tips, and support each other through the various challenges. This collaborative effort is not just about playing the game; it’s about building a stronger, more cohesive unit.

The course serves as a playful yet effective platform for developing communication skills. Team members learn to communicate their ideas clearly and listen to others, essential skills that translate well into the workplace. The informal setting of this fun team-building activity eases the pressure often associated with the more serious team-building exercises, allowing genuine interactions and connections to flourish.

The shared goal of navigating through the course encourages team members to pool their strengths and compensate for each other’s weaknesses, promoting an inclusive and supportive environment. As they laugh and learn together, colleagues strengthen their bonds, fostering a sense of camaraderie that extends beyond the adventure golf course.

Memorable bonding

The ease of play makes it accessible to everyone, regardless of skill level, ensuring that all participants can join in the fun. Each course is designed to captivate with its unique themes and imaginative layouts, presenting just the right level of challenge to keep the game interesting for everyone.

These courses are more than just a series of holes; they’re a journey through a world of fun obstacles and creative designs that spark laughter and friendly competition. This environment naturally fosters a sense of companionship among players. As colleagues navigate through these engaging courses, they share moments of triumph and amusement, which act as powerful morale boosters. These shared experiences form memories that resonate well beyond the day of the event.

Adventure Golf’s impact lies in its ability to bring people together in an enjoyable setting. It’s a space where barriers are broken down and genuine connections are formed, making it an ideal choice for team outings.

The laughter and shared experiences on the course translate into stronger bonds, leaving a lasting positive impact on group dynamics and individual morale. This unique and enjoyable experience ensures that Adventure Golf remains a memorable and sought-after fun team building activity.


Hounslow Golf Park’s Adventure Golf offers an unmatched blend of fun, teamwork, and creative challenges, ideal for a refreshing break with colleagues. Embrace this opportunity for laughter, bonding, and light-hearted competition in a unique setting. Whether you’re seeking a stress-relieving escape, a fun day out or an opportunity for team building, our courses cater to all. Book your adventure at Hounslow Golf Park today and create unforgettable moments with your team.

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Fantastically Friendly Family Space of Fun. Really enjoying the weekly Golf for Beginners class I'm participating in with my Wife. Great Staff and facilities, decent food and drink in the cafe. So inclusive - everyone is welcome. Really enjoying it

David Bates

Two fun mini-golf courses here, which I'd happily give 5 stars for, but it's very expensive! £24 for one round for two adults - ouch. Then add on the charge for the car park! As if the price of the mini-golf wasn't enough already? I'd be happy to come here more often if it wasn't for these prices. Hersham mini golf is a good course that's £8 cheaper with no charge for parking.

Clare Kenna

Great place for family days, went to crazy golf and did eruption will definitely come back soon and try cascades! Football golf looks fun also.

Dan King
Ian Lui
Ali The Explorer

Our new spot to hang out with friends

michael hubbuck

I have been learning golf with the lessons provided by the golf club. As I’m new to golf. Now the golfing coach Lewis is really great at explaining why we do and how we do things. Highly recommended. And the value for money is amazing. Group lessons first 4 free £5 for the balls. The next 4 lessons £2.50 each and £5 for balls. The next 4 lessons £2.50 ball free. And like I said the instructor is really good at explaining everything. I’m love my golf lessons and other in my group feel the same. Learn golf and make new friends

C Srikrishna

As an International Student, I was looking for something that was unique and then my friend told me about their Golf Trainings and I joined the very next week. Believe me nobody teaches golf so cheap and I am fully satisfied and I am currently in improvers course.

albert abraham

Best place for fun with friends.

SravanKumar Nedunuri

My day went like seconds My playing and having time in golf